ASHKENAZI, SAMUEL JAFFE BEN ISAAC (16th century), rabbi in Constantinople. He wrote a number of works, some of which are still in manuscript. Most of them are homiletic commentaries on the major Midrashim: e.g., Yefeh To'ar, a homiletic exegesis on Midrash Rabbah (Genesis, Venice, 1597–1606; Exodus, ibid., 1657; Leviticus, Constantinople, 1648), and Yefeh Anaf (Frankfurt, 1696), an exposition of the Midrash Rabbah on the five scrolls. Most of his writings in halakhah are unpublished. His responsa, however, were often quoted by 17th-century authorities. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Azulai, 1 (1852), 175, no. 110, S.V. Shemu'el Yafeh Ashkenazi; Steinschneider, Cat Bod, 2427–28, no. 7037.

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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